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Makeshift Oblivion

Series of 4 objects.

Masking tape, paper scraps, photographic prints on tracing paper, rice paper, ~ 19x19x4cm each.



An exploration of the concept of transience.

Previously my practice had consisted mainly of photography, painting and collage which resulted in flat pieces presented in conventional rectangular shapes. Wanting to express a more physical experience of impermanence the creation of the objects instigated a move away from the flat surface. I like how they inhabit this 2.5D space, hovering between two and three dimensions.

They also freed up my work from the standard format of right angles. I had already incorporated paper scraps and fragments in collages and frequently worked on found materials. However, this liberation of the outline enhances the idea of imperfection and provides a more natural feel by letting the material be what it wants to be.

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