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Garden Ghosts

Series of 21 prints.

Garden weeds & cyanotype on paper, 29.5x21cm.


I became interested in garden weeds during the first lockdown last year when I spent lots of time in my garden which became a replacement for the wilderness experiences I was craving. Weeds are called Unkraut in German, non-herbs without aesthetic or nutritional value. I like weeds because they are so wonderfully stubborn; whatever we humans do, they always find their way back, even in cracks of pavements and walls. As Robert MacFarlane says in "The Wild Places", "The wild prefaced us, and it will outlive us."

Cyanotype is the perfect medium to capture these "ghost" plants, a process in which human and natural forces interact. The resulting deep blue reminds us of distance and time, thus connecting the nearby to the faraway.

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